Alessandro Cunsolo - President

Cheers! I’m Alessandro Cunsolo, currently in my 3rd year of Aerospace Engineering and your president for the 2018/19 RUAT team. My work here includes the hiring and general oversight of my wonderful RUAT executive team, chairing meetings, coordinating finances and securing competition sponsorship. Aside from this competition, you’ll also find me around campus through some of my other various involvements, including the ACU, RESS and especially RyEng spirit events! Best of luck to you all, and always feel free to reach out!

Brent Gebuza - VP Communications

Hey! My name is Brent and I’m currently in the third year of my Aerospace studies here at Ryerson and have chosen to specialize in the aircraft stream. My role here on RUAT is to inform students of the upcoming events and workshops being held, as well as running the social media outlets for the team. I’m also involved at Ryerson as a member of the Aerospace Course Union (ACU) in the VP Communications position, and on the EngSOC as the Logistics Coordinator for upcoming Frosh 2019.

Claire Bailey - VP Operations

Hey! I’m Claire and I’m in my third year of Aerospace here at Ryerson in the aircraft stream. My role on our team is the as the VP Operations and I take care of logistics such as organizing events and booking rooms. I also work as a liaison between Ryerson and our team. Other places you might see me at Ryerson is as a volunteer at open houses and working with Women in Engineering for engineering outreach events.

Chelsea Hong - Workshop Coordinator

Hello! My name is Chelsea and I am a third-year aerospace engineering student at Ryerson. I am RUAT’s workshop coordinator, my role on the team is to organize the program, logistics and plan out the workshops needed for the competition. Other Ryerson student group I am involved in are Aerospace Course Union as a VP Outreach and I am also part of the Ryerson Aero Design Team (RAD).  

Ricardo Ferreira Da Silva - Competition Coordinator

Hi! I’m Ricardo. I’m a third year Aerospace student and one of the competition coordinators for the glider competition. My work is largely focused around the avionics side of the competition. I am also a member of the RAD (Ryerson Aero Design) team and the Ryerson MIMS Lab.

Yukei Oyama - Competition Coordinator

Hey! This is Yukei. I am a third year aerospace engineer, in charge of the structural coordination/guidelines for the competition. My experience mainly consists of CATIA and Stress Analysis. If you don't see me in the halls, you'll see me either in the CANSAT office, the RAD room, or on the nearest couch.